Move Over ASP.NET WebForms and MVC!

This seems to be a hot topic right now. Everyone is talking about the decision to switch from ASP.NET WebForms to the new ASP.NET MVC. It can be a tough decision, but fortunately there is an alternative. Classic ASP.

I cast my vote for moving back to the well-established Classic ASP framework. I cast my vote for debugging using Response.Write and zero separation between code and markup. I cast my vote for the coolest. language. ever. VBScript.

We as a community should recommend, nay, demand, the move back to Classic ASP. By doing so, we will watch our productivity soar!

DISCLAIMER: Not valid in CA, NY, TX, or Possum Lake. Side effects may include nausea, vomiting, suicidal tendencies, or unexplained depression. Discontinue immediately if you experience any of these symptoms. May cause sudden losses in productivity, increase in development time, or exponential increase in bugs. We are not liable for loss of employment due to forgetting more valuable skills.