Fedora 10 x64 and CERC 1.5 6-Channel SATA RAID

Fedora doesn't play nice with this RAID card. After installation it wouldn't recognize the hardware device. It would just say:

Volume group "VolGroup00" not found

After a bit of Googling, I came upon this post. The problem occurs because Fedora is loading too quickly and not giving sufficient time for the RAID card to be recognized. The solution is to boot into recovery mode using the Fedora installation disk.

Once at the command prompt in recovery mode you'll want to change the mounted root: chroot /mnt/sysroot

Then run:

mkinitrd -f --with=scsi_wait_scan /boot/initrd-

You'll need to determine which version of Fedora you're using and change the numbers in the command accordingly. On a freshly installed FC10 using the original installation media (x64), the above command should work.