CQRS EventStore v2.0 Release

I have just released v2.0 of my CQRS EventStore project. I have been amazed at and delighted by the number of contributors the project. Interest continues to grow and implementations for various storage engines continues as well as other serialization strategies.


Download the .NET 4.0 release here: https://github.com/downloads/joliver/EventStore/EventStore-2.0.11157.39-net40.zip

Download the .NET 3.5 release here: https://github.com/downloads/joliver/EventStore/EventStore-2.0.11157.39-net35.zip

The Roadmap

First and foremost, any volunteers to help me with the NuGet package? Ideally we'd have one package per storage engine that contains .NET 3.5 and .NET 4.0 assemblies.

Furthermore, I'm strongly considering removing .NET 3.5 support moving forward and only supporting .NET 4.0.

For v2.1, I'm also looking to merge in the CommonDomain project.

Let me know what you guys think.