CQRS: An Introduction for Beginners

I had the chance to present CQRS to the local .NET user group this week. The speaker had a last minute conflict so I volunteered to step up and speak. I only had a few hours to prepare. So what did I do? I had previously watched several of Udi's CQRS presentations—one in Australia the other in London. I really like Udi's style and the way he communicates his message, so I took (stole) the most basic elements and watered them down for a 30-minute presentation. I take no credit for this—everything in my presentation can be attributed to both Udi Dahan and Greg Young.

I will most likely be presenting at an upcoming code camp as well. If so, I'll record that too, but this time I'll be able to give things a bit more personal spin.


CQRS - An Overview for Beginners from Jonathan Oliver on Vimeo.